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Our estate is ideally situated in the middle of the Montlouis sur Loire appellation. To the north is the river Loire, where the soil on which our vines are planted is predominantly clay and favours the maturity sought after for sweet wines.
To the south we discover the river Cher where the soil becomes sandier with more flint which brings out a greater minerality and is most suited to the production of our dry and sparkling wines.
We grow only one grape variety Chenin Blanc (also known as le Chenin or Pineau de la Loire) on the 11.5 hectares of our estate. The average age of the vines is about 70 years.  The oldest plot, of 2.5 ha, was planted in 1905 and the most recent, 0.45ha, in 1999.

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Edmond Moyer

In winter, once the leaves have fallen, pruning can begin.  This is as important for the quality of the wine as the harvest because it allows the quantity of grapes produced the following year on each vine to be controlled; it prescribes the intensity of the aromas, the position of the grapes on the vine and their exposure to sun, light and air to optimise the maturation process.

In the spring, when pruning is complete, the vines restart their growth cycle. The last vines to be pruned are protected from frost and their leaves unfurl a little later.  This is also the moment to remove damaged and unwanted branches and to till the soil or leave it to grass according to the vines needs. The remaining branches are then attached to wires which are tightened. This will allow the necessary equipment to pass freely and, at the same time give more light and air to the blossom which develops into young grapes around the middle of June, once flowering is over.

Façade du domaine Moyer
Edmond Moyer

Summer is the season of maximum development for the vines. It is during these long, hot days that the grapes begin to ripen.  Once the grapes change colour they also start to store their sugars.  At this point there is a high level of acidity.  It is the effect of the summer warmth that increases the sugar levels and reduces the acidity, helping to establish the balance of our wines.  The cool, humid nights in the Loire valley contribute to this exchange and ensures a fine balance between sweetness and acidity as the grapes reach maturity.

With autumn comes the harvest.  This is the most exciting time of year for the wine producer.  Everything stops for the harvest.  We regularly gather samples to establish precisely the right moment to pick.
The grapes are picked by hand, put into large, shallow containers to avoid them being crushed and then taken, intact, to our pneumatic press.

Façade du domaine Moyer
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