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The grapes are handpicked and taken, intact, to our pneumatic press.  The juice is squeezed out very gently enabling us to obtain the best and most delicate flavours from the fruit.
Our wines are produced from a single grape variety, Chenin Blanc, a variety which is typical of the Loire valley.  Depending on their maturity and method of production our wines become: dry, medium dry, sweet or sparkling (méthode traditionnelle).
We interfere as little as possible with the grape juice and the wines.

Consequently we do not use temperature controlled tanks, we do not adjust the yeast levels as a matter of course nor do we add wood shavings or chippings… in order to keep the aromatic integrity of our wines which interpret our “terroir” through the magnificent chenin grape.

The wines are matured “sur lies” in tanks until they are bottled.

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