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Our Wines

  • LE SEC

    Moyer Vin sec

    Our dry white wine is produced from the first grapes to ripen, after fermentation it will not contain much residual sugar. This wine has a particular minerality found that makes it ideal to drink with fish, shellfish and "fruits de mer" and after a few years it can equally be enjoyed as an aperitif.


    Moyer Vin sec

    Using grapes from only the very best harvests destined for our dry wines, this vintage is a subtle balance of minerality and delicate oak. It is vinified and matured in oak barrels for a year before bottling.
    This wine is made in the same style employed by our grandfather: Edmond.


    Moyer Vin LES CROISES

    LES CROISES owes its individuality to its ‘terroir’, a unique plot of land within the vineyard which brings its own dry and original flavour to this wine.
    Absolutely not to be missed… A surprising wine and one that goes perfectly as an aperitif with smoked salmon canapés.


    Moyer Vin sec

    ORIGINE, a medium dry wine for which we deliberately stop the fermentation, is made from riper grapes, producing stronger fruit flavours and extra mellowness. It can be drunk with many and varied foods.  In fact it goes very well with white meats, fish with sauces, Asian food, cheese and fruit desserts.


    Moyer Vin sec

    LE MOELLEUX, our sweet white wine. This is not produced every year but only when the vintage allows.
    This is a wine, full of concentrated aromas, which deserves a special place as an aperitif, with foie gras on toast for example.


    Moyer Vin sec

    LE 1/2 ARPENT, this exceptional wine stands out for two reasons.  Firstly this vintage can never be repeated but above all it is endowed with an outstandingly concentrated aroma.
    The length and complexity of its taste on ones palate will leave you dreaming.


    Moyer Vin sec

    This is a Dry or Medium Dry sparkling wine that receives our full attention right from harvesting. We select the best handpicked grapes in order to achieve a perfect balance. It is the natural sugars in the grapes that produce the bubbles, there is no sugar added at the bottling stage.


    Moyer Vin sec

    "L’Extra Brut" (Very Dry) stays on its lees (sur lies) for an extra year and reaches new heights of freshness and intensity. You will rapidly discover that this wine gives identical pleasures to that of a champagne but at a much "sweeter" price.

  • Pétillance, un vin rare et élégant

    Moyer Vin pétillance

    Une Bulle raffinée, encore plus légère que notre Extra-Brut, avec moitié moins de pression. Sans sucre, il en résulte un vin sec, très fin pour les vrais amateurs de bulle. Parfait à l'apéritif ou pour accompagner votre repas.

It is worth noting that all our wines reach their best at about 3 to 4 years of age so don’t be afraid to put them in your cellar and forget them for a few years.  You will be pleasantly surprised with the result.

Photos by Yves Brault

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